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John Barnes is a Wyoming land and water speaker with a focus on water rights and oil and gas development. He has spoken to groups of engineers and surveyors regarding basic water rights and has led continuing education sessions on the topic.

John is available to speak to community groups small or large throughout the state of Wyoming, where farmers and ranchers are present in the audience.

His most requested speaking topics include:

  • Function of the state engineer’s office
  • Importance of dam maintenance
  • Property owners’ rights when dealing with oil and gas companies
  • Importance of knowing what your water rights are so that you remain in usage compliance of the law
  • How to move water usage.

Past speaking credentials include:

  • “Water for Oil & Gas Drilling in SE Wyoming” for the Assoc of Western State Engineers  
  • “Understanding Water Rights” for Halfmoon, Continuing Education
  • “Seedskadee Projects Water Rights” for Joint Sub-Committee on Federal Natural Resources Management
  • “Water Rights” for Lay College of University of Wyoming
  • “Water Rights for Real Estate Development” for Wyoming Realtors Assoc
  • “Water Rights Information” for Wyoming Water Quality and Pollution Control Assoc